Harry Potter and the Court Cards

Help, help, I fucking hate the tarot's court cards! Sincerely, everyone. Court cards suck. There's no getting around that shit. Is it an actual person? Does it just mean traits I need to have to endure whatever's going on? I don't know how to help you with that shit. But what I can do is … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Court Cards


The Fountain Tarot Review

This deck feels like a breezy, blue-skied day with freezing temperatures. It's cold in that pure, clean way. Do you know what I mean? I've been working with this deck for a while and the best word I have for its energy is "spacious." Not like big echoing hallways, but like light years between planets. … Continue reading The Fountain Tarot Review

How I Prepare for the New Moon

I was asked this fantastic question on Instagram, and my answer is kind of long, so I figured I would answer it here. New Moons are my shit. Full Moons are nice, but for me, they just don't compare to those nights when you just can't, um...see the moon. The energy of the New Moon … Continue reading How I Prepare for the New Moon

A Real Life Example of the Empress and Emperor

Tarot card explanations can be shitty. They're hard to learn and then, even once you learn them, they're hard to explain to someone else. After a very long time of pondering this problem, I resolved to keep a look out for real, actual situations that embody the cards. As I come across them, I'll share … Continue reading A Real Life Example of the Empress and Emperor

Some Shit About Retrocognition

You know that game people play where they sit somewhere in public and try to make up stories for people walking by? I tried to play it once. "See that lady over there? Her mother had her as a teenager, I don't think she even knew who the father was--they fucked at a raveĀ or something. … Continue reading Some Shit About Retrocognition