Energetically Cleansing Animal Parts

Yesterday, I picked up a small animal hide from a second-hand shop. It was sitting on a scratched-up end table in the furniture area, and it had a hideous cowboy boot lamp sitting on top of it. After flinging aside the lamp, purchasing it, and bringing it home, I began to work on clearing it, … Continue reading Energetically Cleansing Animal Parts


Ooh, Yeah, Baby, Touch My Decks

Hi. Sometimes I get a tarot deck and I don't cleanse it. Additionally, I have a couple of decks that I haven't cleansed that no one else is allowed to touch either. If I acquire a deck that's been physically touched by its creator, I don't cleanse it. At all. This is because I'm a … Continue reading Ooh, Yeah, Baby, Touch My Decks

The Tarot Restless Review

"It is by the first sword that each universe is brought into being, and all the numberless stars are scattered across the expanse in their shimmering spirals." (Restless Meditations guidebook, by Winslow Dumaine) The Tarot Restless, by Winslow Dumaine, is like walking into your first appointment with a new psychologist and finding that it's Osiris. … Continue reading The Tarot Restless Review