The Love and Light Disease

Love and light!


Oh yeah?

Fuck you, too, lady.

The Love and Light Disease. This shit is an epidemic.

(I won’t get into my personal opinion on modern mysticism and all of this shit right now, although we’re in dangerously close proximity. That will be another post for another time, when I’m really in the mood to make people hate me.)

We’ve all met someone who’s infected, whether it be online or in person. They think everything is either black or white and, for your information, they choose the white side only. Their lives are all about pastel colored dream catchers, heart chakras, and they think Karma is when you park in a handicapped spot and someone keys your car. There’s a good chance that they own one tarot deck, which is the Wild Unknown, and the only thing they’ve ever read about the tarot is the Wild Unknown guidebook. They went camping once and the trees were pretty and they use their yoga studio membership to do hot yoga twice a week.

Then, some of these people take the next step and discover that the Wiccan Rede exists. This is probably the point where they rename themselves Willow Butterfly Moondrops and hop online to tell other people “how to Wicca.”

The Threefold Law becomes their little club that they bash people over the head with. They’ve learned to love themselves, including all of their super shitty traits because they love themselves and there’s no need to ever strive to become better because THEY ARE PURE WHITE LIGHT AND LOVE, DAMN IT.

Healers are one thing, this bullshit is another. Their refusal to acknowledge the full, complex gray scale of life turns their “spirituality” into watered down horseshit.

But I don’t give a shit what they want to think, just get out of my fucking face with that shit.

I might be a cynical asshole, but for the love of that tie-dyed Ganesha wall hanging at the head of your bed, get a fucking grip.






Some Shit About the Tarot of Shadows


Let’s take a moment to talk about the Tarot of Shadows.

1214151142 This shit is fucking beautiful.

It’s got myths,




and monsters.


Unfortunately for anyone who doesn’t speak Russian, this deck and its little guidebook are…only in Russian.


However, with a handy translating app and a quick switch of your “keyboard” to Russian, it can be translated. Right?


Wait, what?

Okay, so here’s the deal: this deck can be used two ways. This is a 78 card deck with the Major Arcana marked with Roman numerals at the top. And then…there are 52 other cards. These other cards aren’t broken down into suits, they are only numbered 23 through 78. In the guidebook, each card’s “classic tarot” counterpart is listed, and so it can be used as a “regular” tarot deck.


The pictures on the cards and the keywords on them have nothing to do with traditional tarot meanings. There is everything from “Necromancy” to “Job” to “Archimedes’ Mirror” to “peonies.” So it can also be used as an oracle deck. But good luck figuring out the meaning of “False Prophets and their Leader Python.”


Whoa, nelly.

Also, a warning if you haven’t already noticed: this is not a lightworkers’ deck. The very idea of this deck was to make an entire tarot deck based on The Devil card. It’s brimming with demons, poison, deadly sins, and just overall discomfort. I fucking love it.

If you want gentle reassurance, this is not the deck to consult. But if you want answers, sit your ass down, because you’re going to learn something today.


Introducing: this deck’s Sun card.

The card backs feature a goat’s head and a pentagram.


If this deck were a person, it would be a quiet young man with dark shaggy hair. He shrugs noncommittally in response to your questions, but if you can get him to look at you when you speak, the truth is easily read on his face.

Do I recommend this deck? YES. If you have patience and a bit of tarot experience under your belt.