Prince Zuko: The Knight of Cups

Hello, Codi here. But I guess you probably already know me, sort of. Uh so, the thing is I have a lot of tarot court card reading experience and I'm considered to be pretty good at it. Well you've seen me... you know when I was attacking you? Yeah, I'm back on my bullshit with … Continue reading Prince Zuko: The Knight of Cups

Arthur Rackham Tarot Deck Review

(This is review for the Lo Scarabeo deck, not the Duck Soup Productions shit. As I have previously stated: fuck Duck Soup Productions.) I got Lo Scarabeo's Arthur Rackham Tarot last summer when it came out, intending to use it during the winter months, but then I didn't. I don't remember why. Anyway, I've dug … Continue reading Arthur Rackham Tarot Deck Review

My Tips for Baby Witches

I said you can't learn witchcraft from Witch Tok and Tumblr. So if I'm going to talk shit, I'm also going to provide solutions. First though, what is the role of social media in witchcraft? For community. As a springboard to research topics of witchcraft elsewhere. To ask questions. To share ideas. To be inspired. … Continue reading My Tips for Baby Witches

Whispering Spirits Tarot Deck Review

See that box? I've carried that box in my purse for at least a month and there's nary a scratch on it. If that's not a fantastic testament to the quality of the box, I don't know what is. Okay. So. Within this box is the Whispering Spirits Tarot by Joanna Nelson. This is my … Continue reading Whispering Spirits Tarot Deck Review

The Brady Tarot 2nd Edition: What’s New?

You're aware that the Brady Tarot has recently come out with a second edition, right? Somehow, one of my top 5 favorite decks just got even better. Yes, I have both the first and second editions. You can find my review of the first edition here. This deck is a complicated and fucking beautiful deck … Continue reading The Brady Tarot 2nd Edition: What’s New?

Forest of Enchantment Tarot Deck Review

The Forest of Enchantment Tarot is one of those decks that I use almost daily, even though I feel like I have other decks that I like better. I know that's a weird thing to say, but let's talk about it. First of all, this deck, by Lunea Weatherstone and Meraylah Allwood, is a Celtic/Druid/Fantasy … Continue reading Forest of Enchantment Tarot Deck Review

Memento Mori Lenormand and Oracle Deck Review

Claire Goodchild, of Black and the Moon, has done it again: this is one of the most original and creative decks of our time. Please excuse the state of the guidebook in that photo, it's been through a lot already. In the classic Black and the Moon style of bones and macabre medical equipment with … Continue reading Memento Mori Lenormand and Oracle Deck Review

Crystals to Use During This COVID-19 Shit

***Crystals will not save you/diagnose you/cure you from any illness. Wash your fucking hands. Stay the fuck home. Get fucking tested. This shit will not save you.*** That being said, crystals CAN help you calm down in the midst of this bullshit. You can't control the situation, but you can certainly (attempt to) control your … Continue reading Crystals to Use During This COVID-19 Shit

The Mystical Dream Tarot Deck Review

Do I ever have a weird-ass deck to talk about today: The Mystical Dream Tarot by Janet Piedilato. The tag line for this deck is, "Life guidance from the depths of our unconscious." Now, a lot of decks like to slap some mystical claim on the cover to lure people in, but this is exactly … Continue reading The Mystical Dream Tarot Deck Review

(Un)Sacred Oracle Deck Review

The (Un)Sacred Oracle is a 44-card black and white photograph deck by Lilith & Gomez. The cards are on the smaller side, but not too small for the artwork. This makes them easy to shuffle, and their gorgeous matte finish makes them easy to photograph (if your camera doesn't suck ass like mine does). When … Continue reading (Un)Sacred Oracle Deck Review