Deck Pairings

Do you ever use two (or more) decks together when you're doing a reading? Jess at Stellar Tarot did a YouTube video about deck pairings and it got me thinking not only about what decks I tend to pair with each other, but also why. The why, for me anyway, is either because the two … Continue reading Deck Pairings


NSFW: Dicks in the Mary El Tarot

Adult conversations and some pretty realistic illustrations of penises ahead. Proceed with caution. My love for the Mary El Tarot knows no bounds. Obviously, because I'm typing about the various dicks depicted in this deck and posting it on the internet for strangers to read. Zero boundaries. Digging right in: nudity in the tarot is … Continue reading NSFW: Dicks in the Mary El Tarot

Brady Tarot Review

I keep starting and deleting this review because I want it to be as perfect as this deck is. I've finally decided that's impossible, so I'm just going to do the best I can.This deck is conprised of 78 hand-colored linocuts by Emi Brady.When I received this deck, this is what I got.I just checked … Continue reading Brady Tarot Review

With Your Shield or On It Deck Review

I love this deck so, so much. This is an oracle deck by the talented-as-fuck Pam Wishbow, called "With Your Shield or On It." This is believed to be an ancient Greek phrase, meaning that soldiers either came home alive with their shields, or were carried home on their shields if they didn't survive. The … Continue reading With Your Shield or On It Deck Review

Changing Up Your Altar: Tips, Tricks, and How I Do It

Seasonal changes, spellwork, upcoming holidays, dreams, you just get sick of looking at the same shit: there are a whole host of reasons you might want to redo your altar. It can be simultaneously exciting and sickening. So here, for whatever it is worth, is my advice on setting up an altar. START BY TAKING … Continue reading Changing Up Your Altar: Tips, Tricks, and How I Do It

Darkness of Light Tarot Review

You've all seen this deck, right?Amazing. Part of me just wants to post a bunch of photos of it and type YEEEEESS after every one, but that won't really help anyone.So.The Darkness Of Light Tarot, by Tony DiMauro, is a phenomenal work of art. It's got fully illustrated Minors and the court cards are beautifully … Continue reading Darkness of Light Tarot Review