Melanated Classic Tarot Review

The Melanated Classic Tarot, by Julia Goolsby and Oubria Tronshaw, is mostly a remake of the good ol' Rider-Waite, except that everyone is black. The story that goes with this deck is that, as a child, one of the creatrix's grandmothers used to color in the kids on the birthday cards she gave her so … Continue reading Melanated Classic Tarot Review


Brady Tarot Review

I keep starting and deleting this review because I want it to be as perfect as this deck is. I've finally decided that's impossible, so I'm just going to do the best I can.This deck is conprised of 78 hand-colored linocuts by Emi Brady.When I received this deck, this is what I got.I just checked … Continue reading Brady Tarot Review

With Your Shield or On It Deck Review

I love this deck so, so much. This is an oracle deck by the talented-as-fuck Pam Wishbow, called "With Your Shield or On It." This is believed to be an ancient Greek phrase, meaning that soldiers either came home alive with their shields, or were carried home on their shields if they didn't survive. The … Continue reading With Your Shield or On It Deck Review

Darkness of Light Tarot Review

You've all seen this deck, right?Amazing. Part of me just wants to post a bunch of photos of it and type YEEEEESS after every one, but that won't really help anyone.So.The Darkness Of Light Tarot, by Tony DiMauro, is a phenomenal work of art. It's got fully illustrated Minors and the court cards are beautifully … Continue reading Darkness of Light Tarot Review

First Impressions: Antique Anatomy Tarot, Ephemeral Edition

Skulls Flowers Bones Antique medical instruments Elixers Latin Did anyone see any words there that they didn't like? Of course not. There's nothing not to like there, just like there's nothing not to like about the new Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemeral Edition. This is the newest addition to the hauntingly beautiful line-up of decks by … Continue reading First Impressions: Antique Anatomy Tarot, Ephemeral Edition

Tarot of the Secret Forest Deck Review

This is one weird-ass deck. I'm not gonna lie. I mentioned this deck in my House Deck post (which is about how I use this deck specifically to check in on my house and the land it sits on). Anyway, I don't see many people with this deck nor do I ever hear much about … Continue reading Tarot of the Secret Forest Deck Review

The Tarot Restless Review

"It is by the first sword that each universe is brought into being, and all the numberless stars are scattered across the expanse in their shimmering spirals." (Restless Meditations guidebook, by Winslow Dumaine) The Tarot Restless, by Winslow Dumaine, is like walking into your first appointment with a new psychologist and finding that it's Osiris. … Continue reading The Tarot Restless Review