The Labyrinth Tarot Review

I fucking love the Labyrinth Tarot by Luis Royo. Although there are strange and jarring aspects to it (which is normally a good thing, but not necessarily with this one) I have a very strong bond with it.

That’s right. I have a strong bond with a deck of cards.





Okay, so pips aren’t that bad, right?

So wands are medeval club-things, and they’re green.

Pentacles are gold.


Swords are blue.


Which I kind of thought was strange because I might have made Cups blue…


Wait a minute. What the hell am I looking at right now? Why are the cups cards red and have fire in them?

I don’t fucking know. This shit is a mystery.

But sometimes, mysteries are good. Look at these mysterious ass knights. This deck has some of my very favorite knights.


The major arcana are sepia-toned and just amazing. They’re kind of scary, which I like.


I really like this representation of The Fool. The Fool is usually depicted as a young kid happily skipping off on a new adventure, but this Fool is an older man with facial hair. He thinks he’s ready. He’s researched. He’s studied. He thinks he’s badass so he’s wearing some horns. Little does he know…he’s about to learn some shit.

The court cards are fully and richly illustrated. And if you like titties in your tarot cards, you’ve come to the right place.


In fact, the Jack of Cups pictured there is the ONLY female in the deck with her breasts covered. Meanwhile, the King of Wands up there is only one of two men who are bare-chested. Do I have an issue with boobs? Nope. But it gives me pause because it just seems a little bit…

Anyway, the card stock is pretty standard. No complaints there.

They’re actually pretty small cards, which fit perfectly in my small hands. No complaints there.


COMPLAINT: the borders. I am not a person who freaks out over borders. But with amazingly detailed artwork on already small cards, why the fuck is an inch of the card taken up by a damn border?

There you have my only two complaints about this deck: the color of the Cups cards and the size of the pictures vs the cards.

I think my very favorite thing about this deck is the people’s expressions. (When you can see them.)


The Empress might be your mama, but she’s not in the mood for your bullshit today.

If this deck were a person, it would be a quiet man who, when he does speak, likes to say shocking and disturbing things just to see how you’ll react. But regardless of how you respond to him, you’ll think about what he said later.



Don’t be afraid of pips.


Unless you’re a novice tarot reader, try this shit. It won’t kill you to look one up if you have to.


Brand Relaunch: Mountain Witch Offerings

I’ve been toiling away in secret.


That’s right: brand relaunch.

As you may know (or maybe not) I have had a little shop on Etsy called The Aspen Grove. I have recently realized that I have outgrown this grove. Or maybe I was too big for it to begin with.

Different landscapes hold different magick, just as different hands and hearts and words hold different magick. And when magick is true and real, you’ll realize that you’ve already known how it works and how to make it happen.

Now is the time for my own brand of magick. I’m shifting my focus from polished pretties to reflect the mountain magick that whispers around me.


From seasonal sets to themed kits, my upcoming offerings will be useful for everyone from novice witches to seasoned practitioners.


My original intention for my shop was to share the magick I know and love, and somehow I got off track.


Hopefully, my genuine love of these carefully chosen items will show.

I’ll slowly be transitioning Aspen Grove accounts to Mountain Witch Offerings, which I believe to be a much better representation of the magick here.


I will be locally sourcing as much as I can. There will be smoky quartz and amazonite mined right from the Rocky Mountains.


If you have any questions or comments, fire away.

Time and the Ego

The other day I stumbled across a social media rant that was so soul-crushingly fucking stupid I just had this blank moment of disbelief that humans can be so egotistical.

The gist of the situation was that one person was angry that humans mine crystals from the earth. They accused humanity of “tearing out our mother’s organs left and right,” and that “she is crying out in pain.”

I have news. Ready?

We’re not destroying the earth. We’re destroying its environment that sustains us, we’re destroying ourselves, but let me assure you: the earth will carry on.

This commentor shrieked that people’s egos are in the way of seeing what they’re doing. But apparently assuming that the planet can’t carry on without little human vermin crawling all over its surface isn’t.

Planets, gallaxies, the universe doesn’t measure time the way that we do. Billions of years are the blink of an eye. So for an instant, some pieces of one rock floating around out there were brought up to the surface by some bizarre molecular formations. Guess what? They’ll return again anyway, just as we humans will. Just as the earth will eventually return to wherever it originated. Matter can’t be destroyed, it’s just rearranged.

Perspective. Zoom the fuck out, bitch.

I bought a new green fluorite chunk today, and I’m going to enjoy that shit.