Crochet Bookmark Pattern

Oh look, I'm here with another pattern-that's-not-a-pattern because the instructions I write are always wish-washy. This time it's for a bookmark, because I like reading and I like crocheting and this little project serves two hobbies at once. (I also like beads and fringe.) Also, something is wrong with me and I like to have … Continue reading Crochet Bookmark Pattern


Tarot Mat with Pocket Crochet Pattern

Free pattern, bitches. This is more of a recipe than a pattern, mostly because decks are all different sizes and people's preferences and all that shit. Anyway, this pattern is for a tarot case that rolls out into a little mat for a three-card reading.  Now for this bullshit: This pattern is written using US … Continue reading Tarot Mat with Pocket Crochet Pattern

How I Made My Frame Loom

I've got people asking me left and right how I made the simple frame loom I posted on my Instagram account, and I'm happy to share. This is not an original idea. I'm about 90% positive that other people have done this too. Also, this is not a tutorial on actual weaving. I don't know … Continue reading How I Made My Frame Loom