How I Made My Frame Loom

I’ve got people asking me left and right how I made the simple frame loom I posted on my Instagram account, and I’m happy to share.

This is not an original idea. I’m about 90% positive that other people have done this too.

Also, this is not a tutorial on actual weaving. I don’t know nearly enough about it to tell other people how to do that. Here’s what you’ll need:

A wooden picture frame

Small nails

A hammer

Ruler or tape measure


The loom I made:


This bitch cost me $6.99. Mind you I already had nails and a hammer, but you get the idea. First, I went to a thrift store and looked for a wooden picture frame. I went with a larger one, but it’s up to you. Too small and it’ll be a bitch to work on though.

Here it is from the “front” side of the frame.


The “front” of the picture frame is the “back”of my loom. Know why? Because the back side was lighter and flat and easier for me to fucking measure and write on. This shit doesn’t have to be complicated.

I took the glass and shit out of the frame (obviously).

I measured and marked the places for my nails on the shorter sides of the frame. I did mine 3/8ths of an inch apart because I’m a pain in the ass. If you do 1/4″ you’ll probably have to stagger the nails, and I felt like 1/2” was too far apart.


That’s it.

Now as far as actual weaving and the tools you need for it, I’m not the person to ask. Google that shit.