Darkness of Light Tarot Review

You've all seen this deck, right?Amazing. Part of me just wants to post a bunch of photos of it and type YEEEEESS after every one, but that won't really help anyone.So.The Darkness Of Light Tarot, by Tony DiMauro, is a phenomenal work of art. It's got fully illustrated Minors and the court cards are beautifully … Continue reading Darkness of Light Tarot Review


The “Starter Witch Kit” You Both Need and Deserve

I ripped on that Sephora Starter Witch Kit (which has since been cancelled) the other day and didn't really offer an alternative solution. If I say, "I don't think you should _____," I like to follow up with, "Instead, I think you should ______." I had commented to someone that a real starter witch kit … Continue reading The “Starter Witch Kit” You Both Need and Deserve