Deck Pairings

Do you ever use two (or more) decks together when you’re doing a reading?

Jess at Stellar Tarot did a YouTube video about deck pairings and it got me thinking not only about what decks I tend to pair with each other, but also why.

The why, for me anyway, is either because the two decks’ energies are similar, OR because their energies are complimentary.

I’m not going to post the obvious ones that were made to go together because that’s a waste of everyone’s fucking time.

My first pairing is:

The Wooden Tarot and the Arcana of Astrology (and a cat). I like pairings where one deck has the structure of tarot and the other is an oracle deck that adds some depth. These decks have similar earthy color schemes and they’re made on exactly the same cardstock. I shuffled these together because the cat said that I should.

Next up:

The Herbal Tarot and the Rebel Deck: Couple’s Edition (or the regular Rebel Deck). Both of these decks have a light, bright feeling, but the Rebel Deck brings some of the Herbal Tarot’s airiness under control. It feels like it gives it weight and substance, if that shit even makes any sense.


The Compendium of Constellations and The Fountain Tarot. The Fountain Tarot, to me, feels a little unmoored. It’s water and air and many of the cards feature floating people. I use this deck when that’s the sort of energy I’m looking for, and so putting it with this massive deck of constellations sort of gives it an extra push in that direction.


Yes, this is the Raven’ Prophecy Tarot and the Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemera Edition. Two tarot decks? Yes. I’ve used this pairing twice (for what felt like super important readings) and both times I wondered why I don’t mix them more often. These two work well together because they’re both assholes. The contrasting dark and light backgrounds urges me to read them a bit differently than I would normally.


I don’t know what exactly about this feels like blasphemy, but it does. Which makes it fun.

This is the Darkness of Light Tarot and the Oracle of Oddities. They’re shuffled together right now into one massive deck because they’re on the same cardstock (again the cat suggested it). The dissonance between the dark cards with living people and the light cards with dead people makes these two decks feel like they cover the other’s weaknesses.

Here are two oracle decks:

The Sedona Oracle and the Earthbound Oracle. This pairing came from feeling like I couldn’t get a straight answer out of the Sedona Oracle, so I grabbed the Earthbound Oracle for some clarity. They work together very well. The Earthbound Oracle is just a very agreeable deck. It reads great on its own, and it doesn’t complain about working with any other deck either. It’s like the master pairer.


Oh look, the Earthbound Oracle again. This time, it’s with the Natural World Tarot. Since the Natural World Tarot only has the majors completed, adding the oracle cards makes it feel like a fuller reading. It gives it more nuance than just a major reading, and something about the imagery has a similar feel.

How about you? What makes you reach for two decks at once, and how do you pick which two?


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