With Your Shield or On It Deck Review

I love this deck so, so much.

This is an oracle deck by the talented-as-fuck Pam Wishbow, called “With Your Shield or On It.”

This is believed to be an ancient Greek phrase, meaning that soldiers either came home alive with their shields, or were carried home on their shields if they didn’t survive.

The little booklet that comes with the deck describes it as, “a 42 card divination deck to aid in battle.” Just like that, my boring, shitty life has become an epic battle. The cards answer the question: in what way do I need to defend myself today?

The subject matter of each card is drawn within a shield shape and was stamped onto heavy chipboard and hand cut. The designs were apparently inspired by many things, including heraldry and gravestone art.

The defensive stance of this deck makes it truly unique. The angle it answers from somewhat limits the sort of questions it can be asked, but in this case that’s a positive thing. Having a defined purpose and job sets this deck apart from other oracle decks.

Additionally, the artwork is amazing.

The booklet that comes with the deck contains three keywords for each card, but it’s urged that a reader comes up with their own meanings. If you picked up a shield like the one you just drew, what do you think it would best protect you from?

Now, I do have to mention the cardstock. It stresses me out. I want to laminate them because, if you shuffle them, the cards rub together and wear off the ink. I expect some wear, but I’m terrified it’s going to wear the pictures completely off. I do not know if this will actually happen or not, but it’s led me to gingerly mix them up without actually shuffling. This has in no way diminished my love for this deck.

The best thing about the cardstock, though, is that it easily absorbs smells. I stuck an incense stick in the box where I keep this deck and now it smells amazing.

Often times, I like to pull a specific card and use it on my altar as energy I’m trying to manifest.

With Your Shield or On It is beautiful, useful, unique, and affordable. Get this shit here.


One thought on “With Your Shield or On It Deck Review

  1. Last week I was playing with the idea of using this Spartan motto in a challenge about “Battle.” Now a deck you say is a must.
    I smiled reading that you put a card on the altar to concentrate on certain things. I often tell my mentees to do that. Part of the process of developing.
    Thanks for your insight.


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