Star Stitch Tarot Mat

Free crochet pattern, bitches!

This one is for a tarot reading mat, but more power to you if you want to make something bigger like an altar cloth.

This mat is made with the star stitch and features fringe to avoid having to weave in goddamn ends.

This is a great stash-buster because of the striped rows. For the blue and purple mat pictured above, I used all Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. (Mostly because it’s cheap, it’s everywhere, and it comes in an assload of colors.) But for the sample in this tutorial, I’m stash-busting. Which means my yarns are a bit different sizes and I’m probably going to regret it later.

Anyway, here’s what you need:

πŸ– at least two different colors of worsted weight yarn

πŸ– an H hook

πŸ– scissors

πŸ– fucking patience

To begin: chain 61. (You can really use any odd number of chains here.)

For my next trick, I will try to explain something to you that’s difficult to explain and I’m also shit at explaining things.

The star stitch is kind of like a cluster stitch. Or a decrease. It requires you to pick up six loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull through all of them.

So at the end of your chain, you have one loop on your hook, right?

That’s one. Now, skipping the very first chain next to your hook (the loop currently on your hook counts as the one you pulled from this first chain), pull up a loop in the next five chains.

You should now have six loops on your hook. If your work doesn’t look like this, you’ve fucked up.

Now, yarn over and pull through all six of these loops.

Chain one LOOSELY to “close” the star.

If you make this chain tight, I promise you’re going to be sad later.

Here comes the bullshit part: you’re about to start pulling up loops for your next star. The first loop is already on your hook. Pull one loop through the loose chain you just did to “close” your star.

The third loop is going to be pulled up from the last “ray” of your completed star.

The fourth loop comes from the chain that last ray of your completed star went in.

It’s almost like this is a pain in the ass or something.

The last two of your six loops come from the next two chains.

Now yarn over and pull through all six loops, then chain 1 LOOSELY to close this star.

It should look something like this.

Continue creating stars across your chain until you have one chain left, then HDC in that last chain. (Make sure you’ve loosely chained 1 to close your last star.) You should have a whole row of half stars.

To begin row 2, chain 2 and turn.

Place two HDC’s in the LOOSE chains you made in the previous row.

Here are two HDC’s in the first chain space and the hook is pointing to the next chain two HDC’s will go.

Finish the row with an HDC in the top of the very first star you made.

Your first color change has arrived. You can either finish off your first color and attach the next color with a slip stitch, or you can pull the new color through the final yarn-over of the last HDC. I’m doing the latter.

When you cut your first color yarn, leave a reasonable tail that will become part of the fringe.

With your new color, LOOSELY chain 3 and turn.

Just like the first star in the first row, the loop on your hook counts as the loop from the first chain, so pull up a loop from the other two chains, and one from the next three HDC’s.

Yarn over and draw through all six loops and chain one loosely foe your first star. The rest of this row is just making stars the same way you did in row one. HDC in the last stitch.

Chain two, turn, and HDC twice in the chain of each star in the row below.

The star stitch is a two-row repeat. Continue the star-stitch, changing colors every two rows, until it’s the size you want. I did 18 rows (9 rows of stars).


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