Ooh, Yeah, Baby, Touch My Decks


Sometimes I get a tarot deck and I don’t cleanse it.


I have a couple of decks that I haven’t cleansed that no one else is allowed to touch either.

If I acquire a deck that’s been physically touched by its creator, I don’t cleanse it. At all. This is because I’m a goddamn creep. This is also because I’m like an opportunistic scavenger and I like to weirdly retain their energy in the cards. Um, which I suppose still falls under the “being a goddamn creep” category.

I have a deck that came straight to me from its printing company, but I have something else that I know its creator touched, so that item is used in every reading I do with that deck.

I have a deck that came with a pin that I know the creator of both touched, so it accompanies my readings.

I have a deck that I’m not sure if the creator touched or not, but I do know that he had to have touched the thank-you note slipped inside the guidebook, so this piece of folded-up printer paper joins me in my readings with this deck.

I have a deck that was hand-cut by its creator, so I know she touched every single card, making it super-duper-extra magickal. I made a bag for this deck and touched the deck to it to transfer the energy so the bag would be good enough for the deck.

Do I have a problem?


But the real problem is if anyone starts to reach out a hand toward my Paradoxical Trionfi della Luna that was sigNED AND TOUCHED BY PATRICK FUCKING VALENZA HIMSELF WITH HIS OWN GODDAMN HANDS.


One thought on “Ooh, Yeah, Baby, Touch My Decks

  1. I wouldn’t call you creepy, but I’d bet my bottom dollar scorpio or pluto are strongly represented in your natal chart 🙂 lol I have a couple decks I use only for myself. Thanks for the idea about not cleansing them.


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