Fuck the “Spiritual” Matriarchy

(Also, fuck the patriarchy.)

Now for today’s edition of My Unpopular Opinion:

Ladies. Let’s talk.

At my local yoga studio, they have a “special” once a week men’s class.

Yay! Good for them! Right?

No. Fucking no.

I wouldn’t have batted an eye if they also offered a “special” once a week women’s class. But they didn’t. Apparently, men aren’t invited to the eight classes they have every day and the seven others on Thursdays.

Sure, come do some yoga! But do it over there, away from us.

Be spiritual, men! But go do it on your own because we don’t want you here.

If my husband dares to walk into the metaphysical shop with me, the three girls behind the counter stare at me as if I’d just brought Donald Trump into a Mosque.

Saying the words, “It’s all about balance,” doesn’t do shit if you don’t live that way.

With “spirituality” spreading rapidly in the west, we need to be embracing men who are interested in what we’re doing and what we have to say. Conscious men are every bit as important as conscious women. THEY’RE THE OTHER FUCKING HALF OF THIS.

If all of us women have realized that we’re badass goddesses, does that not make men badass gods as well? Remind them.

Be angry. But don’t let it cloud your judgement.

As the mother of two boys and one girl, I’m hyper aware of this shit going both ways. We went to see the new Disney movie, Zootopia, the other day. (It’s actually awesome. Don’t let the cutesy animals fool you.) The main character is a bunny, Judy, who becomes the first bunny cop on the force. She was one strong-ass character. Then I started thinking back on other Disney movies. Frozen comes to mind. There are two more badass heroines. But what do the men in Frozen do? Well, Hans is a lying asshole and Kristoff is kind of dumb and too late to be of any use.

Dumb and useless or a lying asshole. Take your pick, boys, because those are the things you can grow up to be!

As we strive for more bold and wonderful females, don’t leave our boys and men left with nothing to be but dumb assholes.

Girls even have great role models. They’ve got J.K. Rowling, Beyonce, the list goes on and on. But who do boys have? Dog-fighting, wife beating NFL players? Um…Kanye West and Justin Bieber? Seriously, I need some male role models.

But what if it could be us? What if the spiritual community, as a whole, not only accepted men into our ranks, but encouraged it? Or even expected it?

I expect it.




6 thoughts on “Fuck the “Spiritual” Matriarchy

  1. That’s a weird Yoga studio. The ones I’ve gone to are co-ed classes or you can choose a private session. I’m more worried about holding my position for three minutes then what gender people are.


  2. I totally get where you’re coming from, but maybe the men’s class is for men who don’t feel comfortable in the other classes? There is a yoga studio near me that has “bro-ga” or some shit and while I don’t agree with SEPARATION as such, I feel like it is considerate for those men who might not want to jump in to the other classes. Who knows, maybe it is segregation. You’re totally right about Frozen though. I don’t get why people are crazy for that shit.


    1. Unfortunately, I was taking my yoga teacher training at the studio when they started the men’s class. Apparently they had a couple middle aged ladies who kept complaining whenever there happened to be a man in their class. So they set it up, and I quote, “so maybe they’ll go to that one instead.”


  3. Thanks, I needed to hear this today. Trying to connect with universal truth as a man should be easier than I’ve discovered so far. Open hands, open hearts, open minds. Also it’d be cool if men would stop trying to make everything into harem collecting.

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