Why I Don’t Read Reversals

That’s right. I don’t read reversals in my tarot readings.

I get tagged and messaged quite often on Instagram with people asking for help or my opinion on a reading they’ve done. Nine times out of ten, they’re flipping shit over a reversed card.

My recommendation? Step number one: turn that shit right side up. Step number two: glean information from the cards.

Why? Let me share with you why I, personally, don’t read reversals.

Tarot cards are worlds. Each of the 78 cards is a door into an entire world that’s based around that one idea. It has the good, the bad, and everything in between that has to do with this theme. That being said, I don’t find reversals necessary.

Reversals give the cards too strict of a meaning. It takes away their power. Learning to read the tarot isn’t just memorizing “meanings.” This isn’t a multiplication table.

For example, some people read court cards as the “positive” attributes of the character portrayed if it’s upright and the “negative” aspects if it’s reversed. But if I draw the Queen of Cups, that’s a door I’ve opened that has everything to do with the Queen of Cups: LIGHT AND SHADOW.

So how the fuck do I know, then, to read it as positive or negative if I don’t do reversals? Well…

Where is it in the spread? If I draw the Queen of Cups for a space that’s “what is no longer serving me,” that’s probably not going to be the Queen of Cups’ positive traits.

Or what are the other cards around it? If I do a three card spread and draw the Queen of Cups, The Devil, and The Tower, that’s definitely going to be refering to her shadow aspects.

No, seriously, though. How do I know? MY INTUITION.

Tarot cards aren’t mathematical equations. Don’t treat them that way.


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