Hermione Shouldn’t Have Gotten Married, Huh?

It’s International Women’s Day.

Which turns out to be the perfect day to discuss a Harry Potter article that I read a while back whose very title made me bristle.

It was something like 5 Reasons Hermione Shouldn’t Have Gotten Married.

Now hold the fuck up.

Just maybe…she did it…because she fucking wanted to.

The article spoke of how strong of a woman Hermione was and that she “didn’t need no man.”

You’re damn right she doesn’t. But maybe she wants one.

There are people out there expressing disappointment that Hermione Granger got married and had children. Like she was “too strong” and “too intelligent” for that.

These people are the problem. They parade around declaring themselves feminists, but at the same time they are disappointed by women doing things that, well, women do.

Women are made strong and powerful by what they do. They do not have to do traditionally masculine things to be powerful. Women doing traditionally masculine things to become “strong” makes what they’re doing no longer feminism.

Was Mrs. Weasley not a strong female character? Did the fact that she was married to Arthur Weasley make her weak? Was she weak for having had seven children? Was she weak for giving what little she had to those who needed it? Did it take away her strength when she stepped in as a mother to Harry whenever he needed one? When her boggart turned into each of her children lying dead before her, did you lose your faith in her? When she killed Bellatrix Lestrange, was she discredited because it was to avenge her son?

Not a fucking bit. She was strong BECAUSE of those things, not in spite of them.

And Hermione will be too.

And so will you.


One thought on “Hermione Shouldn’t Have Gotten Married, Huh?

  1. I love this!! And your blog, your posts are amazing and empowering. I love it.
    I completely agree, this was such a creative way to touch on this topic and you hit all the points I myself ponder when I hear bullshit “feminism” such as this. Shaming women for choosing to do one of the most challenging things of all, raise strong, healthy human beings… it’s completely opposite of empowering females to live fearlessly and unapologetically in any way they damn well choose <—


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