Time and the Ego

The other day I stumbled across a social media rant that was so soul-crushingly fucking stupid I just had this blank moment of disbelief that humans can be so egotistical.

The gist of the situation was that one person was angry that humans mine crystals from the earth. They accused humanity of “tearing out our mother’s organs left and right,” and that “she is crying out in pain.”

I have news. Ready?

We’re not destroying the earth. We’re destroying its environment that sustains us, we’re destroying ourselves, but let me assure you: the earth will carry on.

This commentor shrieked that people’s egos are in the way of seeing what they’re doing. But apparently assuming that the planet can’t carry on without little human vermin crawling all over its surface isn’t.

Planets, gallaxies, the universe doesn’t measure time the way that we do. Billions of years are the blink of an eye. So for an instant, some pieces of one rock floating around out there were brought up to the surface by some bizarre molecular formations. Guess what? They’ll return again anyway, just as we humans will. Just as the earth will eventually return to wherever it originated. Matter can’t be destroyed, it’s just rearranged.

Perspective. Zoom the fuck out, bitch.

I bought a new green fluorite chunk today, and I’m going to enjoy that shit.



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