Who the Hell is Ethel Jean? An Antique Anatomy Tarot Review

So who IS Ethel Jean?

Ethel Jean is my Antique Anatomy Tarot deck, by Claire Goodchilde of Black and the Moon.

To make a long story short, this is my second review of this deck. The first one only covered the Major Arcana (which was released separately first) and you can read it here. It contains Ethel’s origin story. Then, once the deck expanded into a full 78 card deck, her name expanded too, so now she’s Ethel Jean and she needs another review.

I’m just going to dive right in without repeating myself, so if you haven’t read my first review of majors only, go read that shit.


The suits are Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. Here are the Aces for your viewing pleasure:



I love these Aces. A single, skeletal arm reaching up, ready to pluck their respective element symbols right out of the air and start some shit. I like to imagine they’re poking up out of the dirt to grab your ankles.

There’s no shortage of unsettling shit. We’re at Ethel Jean’s house, after all, and one can never tell if she would like you to have a cup of tea or if she’d like to murder you and bury you in the overgrown flower bed.




Just like in the majors, there’s a great use of animal bones as well as human. Ethel Jean doesn’t give a fuck what or who is in her Sunday stew, thanks.



Ethel Jean may listen much more than she speaks, but that’s only because she doesn’t have to fucking talk forever to get her point across. She says what you need to hear and that’s that. Have a stale sandwich cookie from the clear plastic tub and get the hell out of here.


Who would have thought a toothless skeleton could be so goddamn cute?

Here are a few of my personal favorites:


My very, very favorite thing about this deck is the way the pictures are so descriptive without having to be busy.

I use this deck every single day at least twice. Once at the ass crack of dawn when I have to get up to get kids ready for school, and once before bed. It’s always good to check in with Ethel Jean.


Get it here. Trust me, you won’t fucking regret it.



One thought on “Who the Hell is Ethel Jean? An Antique Anatomy Tarot Review

  1. Think this deck looks amazing. Since there’s no guidebook would I guess swords are air, pentacles are earth, cups is water, and wands is fire? Or do you completely ignore anything to do with class tarot suits.


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