The Cultural Appropriation Frenzy and the Tarot

This is dangerous territory, guys. I feel like I’m swimming in alligator-infested waters.

Cultural Appropriation.

Some people wear feathered head dresses to Halloween parties and don’t give two shits about it. Some people make me feel guilty for even existing because human life first started in Africa and how dare white people steal breathing air and walking upright from them.

While we can all agree that shit like blackface needs to fucking go, the “spiritual community” is a very strange place for cultural appropriation accusations to fly. We’ve got white girls with cornrows and dreamcatcher tattoos standing in yoga studios bitching about some Chinese-themed Katy Perry shit. We’ve got black girls on social media telling white girls that they hope their dreads fall out of their heads while turning and smudging their room with a feather and sage.

So every time I light an incense stick, is that cultural appropriation?

Is using jade for its metaphysical purposes cultural appropriation of I’m not Asian? Is it cultural appropriation if I’m not African and I do energy work with spirit quartz? If I’m not Brazilian, can I use amazonite?

What about tarot cards?

Technically, tarot cards were a European card game, so how about cartomancy? Divination with cards started in Europe in the 14th century. Details seem to be disagreed upon, but the earliest documented tarot decks were from Northern Italy.

Are you Italian? Is it cultural appropriation?

Can I have a Celtic themed deck if I’m not Celtic? Are Egyptian themed decks okay? Am I allowed to have a faerie deck even if I’m not a faerie? What if I love the Ghetto Tarot?


Is it cultural appropriation for anyone who isn’t Haitian to own this deck? (I plan on purchasing the Ghetto Tarot and anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss my ass.)

Anyway, I guess my point is this: either practice what you preach or shut the hell up.




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