The Truth About Picking your First Tarot Deck

I’m going to say some shit here no one was honest enough to tell me when I started looking for my first tarot deck. Brace yourself, now.

No, you may not pick “whatever deck calls to you.”

Not this time. Next time maybe, but not this one. My recommendation:

Google “RIDER WAITE CLONE” and fucking pick one.

Rider Waite, Universal Rider Waite, Golden Rider Tarot

Rider Waite, Universal Rider Waite, Golden Rider Tarot

“But they’re all the same!”

Yep. That’s the point.


  1. Information on this specific deck is widely available.
  2. The cards have enough symbolism to remind you what each card means.
  3. The cards don’t have so much symbolism that you can’t tell what’s going on.
  4. Please just trust me.

“But I like Hello Kitty and Gummy Bears!”

Photo Collage Maker_YhR6PD

Not enough symbolism.

“But I saw this deck on Instagram…”

The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown

Not enough symbolism.

“But there was this deck on Kickstarter…”

The Wooden Tarot

The Wooden Tarot

Not enough symbolism.

“But my favorite author just came out with a deck…”

Raven's Prophecy Tarot

Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

Not enough symbolism, but the guidebook is fantastic.

“But I was at Barnes and Noble and I saw this deck…”

Deviant Moon Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot

Deviant symbolism.

“But this deck is so beautiful!”

Tarot of the Secret Forest

Tarot of the Secret Forest

Too much symbolism.


Wildwood Tarot

Wildwood Tarot

Too much AND deviant symbolism.

If you want pretty cards, go for whatever your little heart desires. But if you want to read and really understand the tarot, please just pick an ugly goddamn deck. You’ll thank me later.


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