Welcome and Some FAQ Bullshit

Welcome to the Tarot Readings from a Bitch blog!


Here are some answers to some questions you might have about me, the blog, and Tarot Readings from a Bitch:

Why do you approach the tarot this way?

Because I’m an asshole. Also, because too much of this “love and light” crap is causing…just weirdness. When people ask for a reading, or even when I read for myself, I’m not looking for some flimsy comfort. If everything is always just sunshine and baby hedgehogs, what the hell is the point of a tarot reading at all? I’m not afraid of dishing out some bad fucking news.

Will you do a reading for me?

Yes. I’m currently in the process of setting up a lil’ shop to do just that. I really don’t want to have to do goddamn videos, though.

Are there any books you recommend for learning the tarot?

Whatever guidebook comes with your deck.Other than that, none of them. Scan through some tarot-learning sites for free on Google. Look at several different site’s descriptions for each card. Get a general feel for the card’s meaning and then put that shit away. I’m serious. There’s no fucking point in learning to read tarot cards if all you are going to do is regurgitate what you’ve read somewhere.

Who are you to have a blog to talk about and interpret tarot cards?

Nobody. I’m not “certified” or any of that bullshit. Certification for intuition is ridiculous. I practice. I observe. I listen. I absorb. I contemplate.

If you have another question you think I should answer here, comment that shit.


3 thoughts on “Welcome and Some FAQ Bullshit

  1. You cannot imagine how many times I’ve read (and had my friends read) your blog-posts about The Love and Light Disease and My Feelings on the Wild Unknown Tarot. Your point of view is so refreshing in the pink tinted metaphysical community that I feel like I’m taking a breath of fresh air whenever I read one of your posts. I really love your down-to-earth and no-bullshit approach and I thank you for it

    We need more fucking bitches and bastards in this community

    My question is how long have you been reading Tarot and how did you first pick a deck up?

    Thanks in advance



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