Border Cutting is Equivalent to Genital Mutilation

I have a deck with rather thick, stark-white borders. I’ve seen a lot of people who have trimmed the borders off their decks and they look fucking fabulous. So I googled, “How to trim a goddamn tarot deck.” It turns out I don’t even have the proper tools or enough energy to do it, but I do have to share a wild meltdown I ran into.

There is a tarot blog, somewhere out there, by someone who needs to get a fucking grip. I can’t even type this with a straight face: He called border-trimming “tarot circumcision.”

He was fucking furious. He called people “carto-feminists.” He accused people of “circumcising their tarot cards.” I checked around the site for signs of satire, but I found none. I think he actually meant this shit.

Pictured: foreskin
Pictured: foreskin

So, if I cut the borders off my tarot deck, will it effect its sexual performance? And if tarot decks have the ability to reproduce, how come badass new hybrid decks never show up in my tarot drawer? Do I need to drop them off in pairs at a Pokemon breeder’s house and check back in a few days?

WHO FUCKING CARES? Seriously, who gets all worked up over what people out there do or don’t do to their decks of cards?


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